Sunday Dinner date Plans… Need help?? ;)

Hello Girlies …

Thinking of planning a sunday dinner date with your loved ones? Then you’re at the right place.

From gourmet ingredients, street style eateries to all night deliveries, Mumbai is a home to dozens of exquisite dining options catering to almost every product or service demanded by the discerning diner or self described “foodies”. One such place is “Masala Library”. After Punjab Grill, its a new venture by Jiggs Kalra and its one of his finest creations. And you gotto read below as I was literally sitting at the edge of my seat waiting to see what’s coming next. 🙂Masala Library

So, I visited this place for my 1st experience of Molecular Gastronomy dining or Modern Cuisine (Its a style of cuisine in which chefs explore culinary possibilities by using liquid nitrogen. Is it safe? 😉 Oh, yes it is completely safe and healthy).

It was a special evening for my sister as we were celebrating her Karvachouth (Indian tradition fast). Since, we wanted it to be a special one, we secured a table 8-10 days in advance. So, as we entered, the ambience and hospitality was usual and basic. But the dining experience started with two complimentary appetizers – a Thandai shot (refer the image below) and a Maska Bun. Must admit, the shot was exquisite which went down smoothly with a burst of Indian flavors.


This was followed by our order from the menu- the mushroom chai (actually a soup :)), dabolical papad platter with 8 chutneys, its a papad lovers delight 😉 and Quesadillas with a south indian twist which was YUMM..

Papad Platter

After the appetizers, I was really intrigued by another round of complimentary dish which (as they explained) was to cleanse our system before the main course. It was a frozen Mishti doi Lolly (more like an ice-cream Lollipop) and I had two, have to admit, it was Yumm ummm.. girlies…


For the maincourse, we ordered Aloo Bukhara Korma (Signature dish – Potato with curry), Veg Ratatouille along with white wine kneaded naan (bread), cheese margherita and mushroom kulcha (bread). Again, it was exquisite with diversity of traditional Indian fare but didn’t eat much as I wanted to keep some space for desserts in my already bloated stomach. 🙂

Now this is the best part! For sweet endings, we ordered Jalebi caviar, which is a sinful dessert you must try along with a Biscuit ice-cream. Yummy yumm.. it was…


I’m still not done, Girlies!! We were again served with their compliments, a paan flavored Cotton Candy, which was a Perfect way to end the special night reviving the old lost childhood memories. 😉


Not only did I enjoy the food but I also appreciated the servers’ knowledge about each dish and the origin of its ingredients as well as the well-lit simple décor of the restaurant. Overall,I give it a 9/10 to this ultramodern culinary tradition as #Masalalibrary by #Jiggskalra (1 point to be deducted because of not readily available reservations).

So, Girlies, go and have this exquisite fine dining experience with your lovelies. And don’t forget to share your experience with me by posting the picture on instagram (tagging @nikeeta13 with #girlydiaries) and I will feature you on my next blog 🙂 

Stay Tuned!! 🙂